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Premises liability cases often involve slip and fall and trip and fall accidents at grocery stores or convenient stores.  These establishments serve a high volume of customers on a daily basis.  They do not always adhere to rigid maintenance schedules which provide a safe environment for all of its’ customers. It is important to contact a Tampa slip and fall accident lawyer immediately following the incident.

Some common causes of premises liability are:

  • Rainwater or a spill caused by another customer
  • Improper warning of curb and changes in pavement elevation in parking lots and store entrances.

Our Tampa slip and fall accident lawyers have successfully represented clients in a number of premises liability cases over the past thirty-one years.  A premises liability is a unique case and requires seasoned personal injury attorneys to reach a successful resolution.  In any premises liability case it is important to immediately safeguard the evidence for use at a potential future trial.  It is always important to maintain custody and control of your shoes and clothing if these items show evidence of a spill or negligent condition.  You never want to discard any of your clothing without contacting a premises liability attorney first.  Time is of the essence in pursuing a premises liability case.  Often, there are video tapes that must be secured, witnesses that must be interviewed and photographs that should be taken.

If you are injured in a premises liability case, you are entitled to recover money damages for lost wages, past and future medical care and past and future suffering and mental anguish.


  • Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries
  • Secure the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses to your accident.
  • Immediately insist upon filing an incident report with the manager of the premises
  • Secure photographs and/or pieces of evidence which caused you to fall
  • Secure your clothing and shoes immediately.  Place them in a secure bag and do not wear them or discard them until you have had the opportunity to speak to an attorney

Please contact Tampa slip and fall accident lawyer, Richard M. Rocha, P.A., for a free consultation regarding your premises liability case.

Slip and Fall Accident

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