Felony Charges

Tampa Felony Defense Lawyer

An individual charged with a felony offense in the State of Florida is facing a maximum five year prison term.  For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a competent Tampa felony defense lawyer to successfully defend you.  The decision you make regarding legal counsel may very well affect your life in the future.

For first time felony offenders, a Tampa criminal defense lawyer should thoroughly investigate the case to determine whether or not the State of Florida has the requisite proof necessary for a conviction.  If that is the case, an experienced attorney will attempt to have his client admitted to Pretrial Diversionary Program.  If the client successfully enters and completes the program, the charges are ultimately dismissed.  Dismissal is important for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, an individual who has had his criminal case dismissed is permitted to file a petition to expunge his arrest record.  This becomes significant in the future when one seeks employment opportunities or entry into the military.

Since 1981, Richard M. Rocha, P.A., has successfully defended hundreds of individuals charged with felonies in the State of Florida.  Through experience and personal relationships this Tampa criminal defense lawyer will successfully protect your rights and obtain the best possible result for you as an individual.

It is strongly recommended that you immediately contact Tampa criminal defense lawyer, Richard Rocha for a free consultation regarding your rights and the successful defense of your criminal charge.


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